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Art of Wine Tasting

How to do it


Wine tasting is rather like judging on a reality show: you start with a negative attitude. What's wrong with it? Is the colour murky or dull? Does it smell like a locker-room after a heavy workout? Does it taste like salad dressing? Once you have established that there are no negatives, then you can begin to analyze the wine for its good qualities.

Wine appeals to all five of our senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and even hearing.

We are enchanted by the sound of a popping cork and the bursting of sparkling wine bubbles.

Next comes sight, the way the wine looks in the glass, its colour and transparency or opaqueness.

Then comes the smell as we lift the glass to our lips.

Finally, the taste of the wine and the feel of its body or weight on our palates.

For assessment purposes we are really looking at sight, smell and taste, in that order. Follow me through the steps of wine tasting, from "How to look at wine" to "How to sip and taste a wine" to start developing your own expertise.

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